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Pirate Tours

Port City Pirates & Ghosts – Morehead City, NC
Instead of just seeing haunted buildings from the outside, we actually take you inside one of the area’s most haunted historic buildings that has such a haunted reputation, it has been investigated by professional paranormal teams dozens of times!  Bone chilling stories of murderous pirates, haunted cemeteries, and ghostly encounters will have you looking over your shoulder on the way home.Our pirate guides are the best in the business, and it’s their job to turn you and yours into a salty crew of swashbuckling rogues.  See, hear, touch and feel authentic pirate weapons and artifacts.  Learn to sword fight just like Blackbeard, the most feared blade in the history of piracy.  Be part of a pirate gun crew and learn to load, aim, prime and fire a cannon.  Details

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