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Dolphin Cruise

Guaranteed Private Dolphin Watch – This is the one!
This trip is available from November to May, and is about as good as it gets for “off-season” fun & relaxation.The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin show up in huge pods during the winter, spending their time in the inland bays & rivers calving and rearing their young.

We’ll get you up close and personal for your own dolphin encounter that you’ll remember for a lifetime. And, the captain is well versed in the biology and behavior of these super intelligent mammals.


Dolphin Sail – Beaufort, NC
Lookout Cruises offers a daily morning sail up the Newport River to a place where the dolphin come to play year after year. These dolphin are familiar friends to Lookout Cruises.Recognized by their individual dorsal fins, we’ve even named a few! Just a few feet from the boat, you can watch the dolphin playing together in their natural habitat. We join them every morning and you can, too!The cruise departs daily from the Beaufort waterfront at 9:30 am and returns at 11:30 am.  —  Seasonal  —


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